SUMMER SALE: Happy Sak & Breast Friends Bundle


2 Happy Sak, 1 Breast Friends
Stay comfy & dry this summer!

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Both of these all-natural products are a moisture control balm containing organic tapioca starch that helps absorb moisture so you can stay dry and comfortable, without painful chaffing.
The difference in products is that Breast Friends (4 oz) is lightly scented and infused with pheromones while Happy Sak ( 5 oz) is unscented and contains NO pheromones.
BOTH items are extremely gender-friendly.

Suggested area to apply:
– under breasts
– between skin rolls / folds
– between legs between and on scrotum
– hands to help control excessive sweating
– bottoms of feet, especially when in boots all day
– between your cheeks to help avoid …..!