ALL the Zing!
Body Wash, Foot Scrub, Foot Butter & Foot Fizzies, too!

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Whether you’re looking for a little extra pep in your step or decompressing after a long day, Zing is sure to do the job!

Infused with peppermint oil, the Zing line offers a cool, tingling sensation everywhere you use it.

Invigorate the senses with our Zing Body Wash in the morning for that all-over awakening!
Ignite your senses with an invigorating mint scent while providing skin with a tingling, cooling peppermint sensation.

Calm restless and achy feet, legs, and muscles with our Zing Scrub and Butter.
Buff your feet for beautiful results and enjoy the refreshing and cooling peppermint essential oil scrub. Scrub away rough, dry patches on your soles and heels, revealing silky-smooth results. Your feet will feel invigorated while the cool aroma of arctic peppermint surrounds and uplifts you! Safe for daily use.
Follow up with a self-care ritual to honor your feet! Our Zing Butter is designed to relieve the pain and discomfort of dry cracked skin. The special formulation of organic nut butters and hemp seed oil creates a powerful humectant to moisturize deeper than the outer layer of skin. Use generously once a day to improve blood circulation, soften and refresh tired, swollen feet. Put your best foot forward every day! 🙂 Safe and HIGHLY recommended for diabetic feet!

Enjoy a calming foot bath with our Zing Fizzies – mini bombs!
Show your feet some love with an AMA-ZING soak! Place your feet in a basin of warm water and drop in a Fizzie. The large pores in your feet act like over-sized straws and absorb the nutrient-rich compounds quickly, feeding vitamins and minerals into the bloodstream. This foot pampering ritual strengthens immunity and moisturizes while reducing pain and inflammation. The peppermint scent can rejuvenate in the morning or relax and soothe at night.

However you’re going to zing… enjoy!
You’ll feel refreshed in no time!